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"How I Saved the World" by Jesse Watters Is a Fun Book to Read--It's Politics without the Stress

How Does Jesse Watters Save the World?

Jesse Watters started at the lowest rung of the Fox News Channel ladder--literally in the basement.  His Watters World segment on Bill O'Reilly's show, The O'Reilly Factor, launched him in the right direction.  Not only did he become a panelist on The Five, his weekly show, Watters World, evolved into the weeknight program, Jesse Watters Primetime.

How I Saved the World is Watters' first book, and if you've followed him for any length of time, you won't be surprised that it's mostly autobiographical.  Watters is simultaneously cocky, confident, and self-deprecating--a combination that's endearing to fans.

In his playfully narcissistic manner, Watters shares how he has used his journalistic skills and his platform to save various aspects of our culture.  Each chapter provides a detailed account of his heroic exploits for the American people.  According to Watters, he's responsible for single-handedly saving these important facets of society:

  • The great outdoors
  • Hard work
  • Children
  • Journalism
  • Prime Time
  • The Internet
  • DC nightlife
  • Nude beaches
  • Christmas
  • Hollywood
  • America's cities
  • Environment
  • His mom's texts
  • The primaries
  • 2016

Who needs Batman when we have Jesse Watters?  

If you ever assumed Watters is a pretty boy who's afraid to get his hands dirty or leans on the cowardly side (based on some of his sissy screaming episodes of early Watters World segments featured on The Factor), you will appreciate learning just how bold, tough, aggressive, and cunning he is. Plus, he's really funny.  Prepare to be impressed.

Not Your Typical Political Commentary

Most political books are stressful to read.  We already know the Left is bat-shit crazy evil, so why subject ourselves to additional anguish by reading behind-the-scenes sordid details to emphasize it?

How I Saved the World is unique because it blends entertaining autobiographical stories with wise political commentary that is steeped in common sense and seasoned with humor.

Watters relays story after story proving conservatives are willing to debate and persuade based on national values and facts while the progressives seek to censor, intimidate, and silence opposition.  He clearly explains the destructive practices of the Left, yet he does it from an attitude of mockery, which exposes them as the hateful mob they are and bestows the higher ground to conservatives.

Saving the world depends on bringing the Left's corruption to light, and Watters balances these truths with wise solutions on how we can fix what they've broken.  His vision for America is an optimistic one.

Watters is skilled in asking hard questions about a variety of issues to people from all walks of life.  No matter what their responses, he manages to leave their dignity intact while the rest of us are amused, shocked, or enlightened by this cross-sectional analysis of Americans.

My Favorite Aspects of the Book

It's hard to imagine how Watters became a Republican despite being raised in a very liberal home by parents who are anything but moderate.

Watters loves his mom, and even though she possesses viewpoints that are the polar opposite of his own, she still watches his shows.  He's her boy.  She can't control herself and regularly texts him her thoughts on his words, attitudes, and actions.  He devotes a whole chapter to his mom's texts in this book and describes them as "....reading hate mail, but from your own mother."

Watters shares multiple encounters he has had with President Trump.  My favorite is when he asks Trump what he thinks Hillary Clinton is up to.  Trump responds, "Crooked? What's she doing now?  Not being president."

How I Saved the World is brimming with satirical introspection, and the book never trails off but remains consistently entertaining from beginning to end.  If you watch Watters' programs, you can hear his voice inside your head as you read his book.  It's like a one-on-one conversation with him--even if it's one-sided. We're used to it.  

Readers also get a glimpse into the lives of other Fox News personalities when they aren't in front of the camera, and he shares something about Dana Perino you'll find hard to believe!

Watters World

Watters has his finger on the pulse of America, which is why viewers love him and find him so relatable.  He voices and fights for all the issues that are important to us.

You'll discover where Watters received his inspiration for the sweeping hand motion when he says, "I'm Watters, and this is my world."  It really is his world, but he lets us live here, too.

My rating:  4/4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐  


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