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Kids Need to Read "What Was the Holocaust?"

Mountains of evidence exist to corroborate the horror of the Nazi-led genocide of the Jewish people.  Still, some skeptics deny it ever happened or wasn't as large-scale as depicted in history books.  How could anyone deny the greatest evil to blight modern times? In Hitler's day, history books were rewritten to indoctrinate German youth on his fascist ideology.  Today, our own schools are often victims of revisionist history because curriculum is guided by liberals who intentionally paint the wrong picture to brainwash our kids to make them sympathetic and supportive of a radical agenda.  For example, our forefathers were Revolutionary heroes who birthed our nation--the greatest nation on Earth--yet, radicals are now painting them as America's biggest oppressors.  Revisionists jackhammer the bedrock of our society by attacking these innovators and visionaries instead of heralding their vast accomplishments.  People who are "triggered" by images of our founder