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Debbie Mason's "Christmas in July" Reads Like a Hallmark Movie!

Add This Book To Your Reading Bucket List Debbie Mason's Previous Book Inspired This Hallmark Movie Do you remember the 2018 Hallmark movie, Welcome to Christmas ?  It's the one where Madison Finnigan's boss sends her to Christmas, Colorado, to scout a location for a new ski resort.  While she's there, Madison has a fender bender that strands her in the town.  She falls in love with the area, and the sheriff.  Welcome to Christmas is based on Debbie Mason's novel, The Trouble With Christmas . Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC In Mason's Christmas in July , you will bump into Madison and Sheriff Gage again, but they are minor characters.  The focus of this novel is on Grace and Jackson Flaherty, and it is book two of Mason's Christmas series, which currently boasts seven volumes. This series will remind you a little bit of Christmas in Evergreen , but the characters are deeper, the dialogue is better, and the action is spicier.  I