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What Is Your Warrior Cat Name? Plus, Vote for Your Favorite Erin Hunter Series!

Who Is Erin Hunter? Erin Hunter is a prolific writer and storyteller who cranks out volumes of books about animals.  Erin incorporates her love of nature into these fantasy novels by spinning mythical explanations regarding animals and their behavior. Her Seekers series explores bears; her Survivors series spotlights dogs; Warriors is for cat lovers; and her Bravelands saga is a little wilder with stories about animals in the African savannah. How can she devise so many engaging plots without the creative well ever running dry?  It helps that Erin Hunter isn't one person, but an identity for a collective team of seven writers who take turns authoring the stories.  I'm not kitten -you! Which Erin Hunter Series Is Your Favorite? Hunter's Warriors series is the most popular, but do you think it's worthy of being top dog (or cat, in this case)? Paws for a moment and vote below for your favorite Erin Hunter collection. find bike trails Are Erin Hunter Books Just for K

If You Love Hallmark's "Evergreen" Trilogy, You'll Love "A Lake House Holiday" By Megan Squires

Merrylark If you're a Hallmark Christmas movie fanatic, you know all about the small town of Evergreen.  Hallmark has delighted us with stories about this close-knit town.  If Evergreen really existed, many of us would move there! In A Lake House  Holiday , a similar town exists.  It's the town of Merrylark, aptly named for the goodwill friends and neighbors extend to others. Jolene Carter Jolene Carter experienced a tragedy five years prior, and the savings she had dreamed of investing in her own coffee shop venture has been needed to sustain her ever since. Jolene knows time is running out for her to find a real job before her dwindling savings disappears.  Even though her lake house neighbors pay her to maintain their home for all their renters, it's not sustainable for her long-term. It seems everyone in town relies on Jolene.  She's a kind-hearted and compassionate woman who can't say no when she's needed.  Whether she's helping her friend in her coffee