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"The Perfect Christmas" Is A Disappointing Read From Debbie Macomber

The Perfect Christmas Plot Summary The tick of Cassie Beaumont's biological clock is growing louder.  She's 33-years-old, smart, and beautiful, but no man ever meets her high standards.  Her best friend, Angie, pushes her to enlist the aid of a matchmaker who has a high success rate in bringing the most suitable couples together.  In fact, psychologist Simon Dodson guarantees his work.  He should--his matchmaking services carry a hefty price tag. Simon is gruff, distant, and rude, but he doesn't intimidate Cassie.  Before he introduces her to her ideal match, Cassie must complete three Christmas tasks:  be a bell-ringer for charity, act as an elf for Santa at the mall, and cook a big Christmas dinner for her neighbors (whom she doesn't even like).     Cassie presses through all these challenges and finally has the perfect Christmas with her most suitable mate. What's Great About The Perfect Christmas Debbie Macomber is in touch with the real lives of readers.  Ma

Debbie Macomber's "Twelve Days of Christmas" Should Be A Hallmark Movie!

Novelist Debbie Macomber Is No Stranger To Hallmark Debbie Macomber is a prolific romance novelist with over 150 books to her credit.  Unlike other cheesy five and dime romance stories, Macomber weaves clean tales brimming with heart and depth.  Her Cedar Cove books have been adapted to a Hallmark television series, and six of her novels have been made into Hallmark Christmas movies: Dashing Through the Snow Trading Christmas Mrs. Miracle Call Me Mrs. Miracle A Mrs. Miracle Christmas Mr. Miracle Twelve Days of Christmas was published back in 2016, and it's one of Macomber's best.  It has a Hallmark vibe, so it's a mystery why Hallmark hasn't seized the story instead of recycling so many of their same old plots.   Twelve Days Of Christmas Plot Summary Julia Padden is always smiling, bubbly, and chatty, which rubs the Scrooge-like neighbor in her apartment complex the wrong way.  Gruff and unfriendly, Cain Maddox rudely rebuffs all of Julia's attempts at being a ki