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"Churchill's Secret Messenger" By Alan Hlad Is A Gripping Historical Fiction Novel You Must Read!

Churchill's Secret Messenger Plot Summary   Rose Teasdale is a typist in Winston Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms, located under Westminster's Treasury building, where she shares a cramped space with other civilian typists and switchboard operators. Her brother, Charlie, has already died in the war, and when her parents are killed from German Luftwaffe bombings, Rose vows to do anything she can to defeat the Nazis, even if it just means working double shifts typing confidential reports. This book is overflowing with accurate historical facts, yet it reads like a thriller. When Winston Churchill learns his British typist speaks French with a fluent accent, he recruits Rose for his Special Operations Executive, which is an espionage network that infiltrates Nazi-occupied Europe.  Rose undergoes a grueling training program before she is parachuted with her team into Nazi-controlled France where she is received by the French Resistance. Roses's codename is Dragonfly , and she

Grow Our "Book Banter Café" Facebook Group GIVEAWAY!

Join Our Facebook Group And Invite Your Friends We recently launched a NEW Facebook group for people who love books, and we want you to join us!  To kickstart our group, Book Banter Cafe-A Gathering Place For Bookworms , we are conducting a grow-the-group giveaway. In our group, you can post your thoughts and reviews, seek recommendations, ask questions, converse with others, post literary memes, and participate in our fun polls and occasional giveaways.  If you are a writer, feel free to share your books or book blog posts with the group.  Whatever book-related topic makes you happy is welcome in the group (with the exception of horror and overtly sexual content--those are discouraged). What Are We Giving Away? We are giving away three books, one book to each of our three winners. I snagged these books at bargain prices at my local Books-a-Million store, but my amazon affiliates links are included in this post in case you don't win and would like to purchase them. To The Moon A

Donna VanLiere's Book, "The Christmas Table," Is Another Story of Hope & Mystery In Grandon

Fans of The Christmas Town  Can Follow the Saga of Lauren & Travis In The Christmas Table Donna VanLiere's book, The Christmas Town , was adapted into a Hallmark movie starring Candace Cameron Bure in 2019.  The movie shares next to nothing in common with the book, aside from the main character, a former foster child name Lauren, winding up in the close-knit community of Grandon where she meets and falls in love with a guy named Travis. The Christmas Table picks up with Lauren and Travis less than a year into their marriage. The Christmas Table is a book about hope, family, and faith. The Christmas Table Toggles Between 1972 and 2012 It's 1972 , and John Creighton wants to tackle more serious carpentry projects beyond making picture frames.  He's determined to craft his wife, Joan, a new kitchen table by Thanksgiving, but his progress is slowed when they learn Joan has cancer. John devotedly cares for Joan and their two young children, Gigi and Christopher.  Even on he

"The Wedding Dress" Is A Must-Read For Danielle Steel Fans

The Wedding Dress Plot Summary Eleanor Deveraux's parents throw her the most opulent debutante ball money can buy.  It's the roaring 20's, and Eleanor's family is exceedingly wealthy.  Within the year, Eleanor finds her soul mate, but soon, the Great Depression hits, and both families lose everything. Through grit and determination, Eleanor's family survives, but more challenges are in store.  The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, and Eleanor's husband insists on serving his country, leaving her home to care for their infant daughter, Camille. Camille proves to be a handful to raise in the 1960's and causes her parents much grief, but she also provides them with a granddaughter, Ruby, who becomes like their very own.   The Wedding Dress by Danielle Steel is now available in paperback at a great price. Eventually, Ruby marries, and her genius husband builds a big tech empire that turns him into an instant billionaire in the budding microcosm of Silicon Valley, b