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John Grisham's "The Whistler" Book Review

John Grisham's "The Whistler" Plot Summary Lacy Stoltz is a lawyer who works for Florida's Board on Judicial Conduct.  She's not a cop, and her caseload typically involves removing judges who are incompetent or who have crossed the line on conduct, like being perpetually drunk at the bench or too sexually illicit with women.   Greg Myers is a previously disbarred lawyer who has spent time in prison where he learns about the biggest judge corruption case in U.S. history.  He files a complaint with Lacy's office that launches an investigation into a crime syndicate, known as the Coast Mafia, that involves a judge who has a vested interest in a casino run on an Indian reservation.  Millions are being skimmed from the top of the casino's earnings, and everyone involved in the scheme is receiving a cut. Grisham's The Whistler is the first book of the series. Greg Myers is on the run, and soon the "mole" on the inside and the intermediary who fee

"What Are The Odds?" By Mike Lindell Is An Amazing Read

"What Are The Odds?" Offers Hope As if manufacturing the world's best pillow to make our lives better isn't enough, Mike Lindell goes the extra mile to pen a book to encourage all readers that no matter how far you've sunk, you can turn your life around. Mike's story focuses on the self-destructing aspects of addiction, but if you've ever made big mistakes you regret or wonder if you've missed your chance at a better life, you will be inspired by Mike's personal account. Mike Lindell's book is a wildly interesting story. When a fisherman catches a large fish, its size gets bigger every time he tells the story.  Mike is a masterful storyteller, so when he shares his personal experiences, you wonder how so many bad things could happen to one person and he still be alive to tell about it. Mike's parents divorced when he was a young boy, and the painful impact of that significant life event affected him more than he realized.  He developed a g