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Book Review: The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan

The Christmas Bookshop Plot Summary   When the retail shop where Carmen works closes, she has no education, skills, or motivation to help her land a new job.  She moves back in with her parents, but it's not long before a new opportunity comes her way.  Carmen's super successful sister, Sofia, is an attorney with a new home in Edinburgh.  With baby number four on the way and her husband out of town on business, Sofia could use an extra hand, even though she doesn't relish the thought of dealing with her contrary sister. As luck would have it, one of Sofia's clients, Mr. McCreedie, is about to lose his beloved bookshop.  He's an eccentric man with little people or business skills, and his shop is dirty, outdated, and failing.  Sofia convinces Carmen to work temporarily for Mr. McCreedie and help him turn things around to see if the shop can be salvaged. Carmen resents her sister's success, never feeling like she can measure up, and she has no interest in her ni