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Review: Just Tyrus: A Memoir by Tyrus

Our family never misses an episode of Gutfeld! --the King of Late Night.  We look forward to hearing what comical quip Greg Gufeld will use to introduce his "massive sidekick," Tyrus.  Even with no training in the field of journalism, Tyrus's commentary is usually some of the sagest and most insightful analysis you will hear, even among a guest panel of seasoned journalists.  How did a pro wrestler end up being a political commentator?  Tyrus's book explains it all, and when you hear his life story, you will be amazed to learn how the school of hard knocks built him into the man he is today. Just Tyrus:  A Memoir Synopsis George Murdoch, aka Tyrus, was born to a white mother and a black father.  To say that his childhood was dysfunctional is an understatement.  His father was an abusive man who had no interest in sticking around for his children.  After his parents' divorce, Tyrus and his brother were raised by loving foster parents who hoped to adopt them, but