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"Notting Hill in the Snow" by Jules Wake is a Must-Read for Hallmark Fans

If you are a Hallmark movie fan and love to watch Christmas romances any season of the year, you will love Notting Hill in the Snow by Jules Wake, which was released in October of 2020. Viola Smith, ironically, plays the viola in the London Metropolitan Opera Company, and she is passionate about her career.  Her family, on the other hand, doesn't appreciate Viola's musical accomplishments or view her job seriously.  As a result, they often take advantage of Viola, and she has a hard time saying no.  Since Viola recently experienced a hurtful break-up, her family assumes she has plenty of time on her hands to cater to their every need. Viola's opera company volunteers her to help with a local school's annual nativity play, and she feels overwhelmed.  Since it's a prestigious school, demanding parents have high expectations.  The governor of the school, Nate Williams, offers to assist her, especially since his young daughter, Grace, is playing the part of Mary, but