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Dark Agenda by David Horowitz is a Book All Conservatives Need to Read NOW

Dark Agenda Puts Into Words What We Know When you witness our culture in chaos , you know the Leftist agenda is to blame, but how did we get to this point?  Does the future hold more of the same, or will things get even worse? Dark Agenda   explores the Left's Marxist ideology and traces their slow and steady implementation of totalitarianism, which requires dismantling Christianity--the principles that shaped the bedrock of our nation.  It's Christianity that affirms our God-given right to freedom of the individual, which the Left cannot tolerate. This book puts into words what you know in your heart and mind, but may lack the historical knowledge to express verbally.    This book is a vital weapon for your arsenal because it provides you with the facts--something the Left never uses to substantiate their claims. If I could sum up the entire book, it could be done by quoting the far-left, extremist radical, Saul Alinsky (a mentor of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama ): The iss