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Debbie Macomber's "Dear Santa" Novel Lives Up to the Hype

Dear Santa Plot Summary Lindy Carmichael is a talented graphic designer who returns home for Christmas while she waits to hear whether the proposal she's just completed will propel her career in the direction she's always dreamed and finally earn her the acceptance of her co-workers.  Since it's also been six months since the man she thought she'd marry left her for her best friend, the holidays aren't quite as merry this year. Dear Santa is another cozy, heart-warming holiday read from Debbie Macomber. To cheer her up, Lindy's mom shows her a box of old letters Lindy had written to Santa when she was a child.  What's interesting is that all of her wishes had been granted, though some in unexpected ways. Lindy's mom encourages her to write Santa a new letter this year.  The idea seems a little childish, but the exercise is a good one--organizing her thoughts into a letter helps Lindy focus on what's most important to her and bolsters her faith to be

10 New Year's Resolutions For Bookworms!

New Year's Resolutions To Enhance Your Literary Prowess New Year's resolutions seem a little pointless; only a small fraction of people who make them are diligent about keeping them.  Common goals include exercising, losing weight, saving money, spending more time with family, trying something new, getting organized, and kicking a bad habit. Why set yourself up for failure? Since you're a bookworm, you can set goals that are much more fun, and because your heart is in it, your chances for success are much higher. Along the way, you will continue to reap the rewards of reading, which include reduced stress, increased knowledge, better sleep, expanded vocabulary, and enhanced creativity. 1.  Out With The Old, In With The New Look at your bookshelves.  How many books are gathering dust that you've already read and will probably never read again?  We're not talking about a book series, reference books, or collections of classics that are shelf-worthy forever, but all th

Debbie Macomber's "Angels at the Table" Is a Delightful Christmas Read!

Angels at the Table:  A Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy Christmas Story Plot Summary  Angels at the Table is the seventh and final book (at least for now) in Debbie Macomber's Angels Everywhere series.  It's a stand-alone novel, so no need to have read the first six to enjoy it.  Although it was published back in 2012, it remains a fun and cozy read during any Christmas season. Aren Fairchild and Lucie Ferrara find themselves alone on New Year's Eve in Times Square.  Will, a rookie angel under the "wings" of fellow Prayer Ambassadors, Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy, decides to intervene so the two can meet. Aren and Lucie instantly connect and enjoy a magical evening together, but the timing is all wrong.  Aren has just moved to the city to work as a columnist for a major newspaper, and Lucie and her mother are opening a restaurant where she's the chef, and it consumes all of her time and energy. God plans for Aren and Lucy to discover each other, but Will'

Christmas Book Giveaway Hallmark Fans Will Love!

What Are We Giving Away? It's Christmas, and that means cozying up by the fire with your favorite beverage and a feel-good holiday romance novel. Our Facebook group is giving away three Christmas novels by authors you will recognize--especially if you're a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies. We are giving away three books, one book to each of our three winners. Hope at Christmas  by Nancy Naigle Summary from book cover:   Sydney Ragsdale is looking for a fresh start far away from her controlling ex-husband and the self-doubt that has plagued her since the divorce.  Returning to her childhood home in Hopewell, North Carolina, is just what her soul needs.  Praying some Christmas magic will follow her, she moves with her daughter to a farmhouse that once belonged to her grandparents.  While there, Sydney finds solace working at the Book Bea, her favorite bookstore. Single dad Kevin MacAlee, Mac to his friends, is the local high school history teacher and baseball coach.  He is also