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Review: "Butterfly Sisters" by Jenny Hale is Creating Quite a "Flutter!"

Butterfly Sisters Plot Summary Leigh Hendersen doesn't realize how much her identity is wrapped up in her career until she unexpectedly loses her job to someone who is even better at commercial property management consulting than she is. Reeling from the blow, Leigh answers her mother's summons to join her and her estranged sister, Meredith, at the family cabin at Old Hickory Lake.  Having spent each summer and most holidays at the lake with her Nan, Leigh's best childhood memories are tied to the cabin; however, with her Nan now gone, Leigh has avoided the cabin for eight years, unable to face the painful loss. Leigh and Meredith couldn't be more different.  Leigh is educated, grounded, successful, and family-oriented.  Meredith is a free spirit who is too restless to stay anywhere for long.  No one knows what Meredith even does for a living because she is distant, having walled her family out long ago. Leigh's mother shares shocking news with her daughters concer