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"Battle for the American Mind" by Pete Hegseth & David Goodwin Provides a Road Map for Reclaiming Our Schools AND Our Culture

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or merely an alarmed patriot shocked at the state of American culture, Battle for the American Mind:  Uprooting a Century of Miseducation will explain how we got to this societal low point and what we can do to fix it. Battle for the American Mind Provides Historical Insight into Our Current Educational Crisis It might seem like today's classrooms have taken a sudden hard left turn into cultural Marxism within the last few years, but Battle for the American Mind reveals that the strategic overhaul of American education has been in the works for more than a century. Terms like critical race theory, diversity, equity, inclusion, environmentalism, social justice, and gender fluidity have appeared seemingly out of nowhere and highjacked American culture, but radical cultural Marxists have been stealthily chipping away at the very bedrock of our Western civilization for much longer than we realize. Even if you are raising your children in the