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FREE PRINTABLE! Fillable Book Wish List Form for Gift Giving & Receiving

Books Make Wonderful Christmas Gifts Just like the Jelly-of-the-Month Club Clark Griswold receives in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation , books are the type of gift that "keeps on giving the whole year."   Since most avid readers have a to-be-read list longer than Santa's Naughty and Nice list, books extend the recipient's enjoyment long into the New Year.  They eagerly look forward to "getting to" the book, savor the time spent finally reading it, share it with friends, and finally shelf it to read again in the future (or at least look at fondly in remembrance).   The life cycle of a book never reaches an end until it falls apart in tatters.  Even if the book is sold or donated later, it will delight new readers for the first time. Benefits of Reading In this modern age, it's easy to get lost in technology, but how much of our screen time actually enriches our minds?  There is no better way to download knowledge into the brain than by reading.

The Phantom of the Opera: Comparing & Contrasting Gaston Leroux's Book to the Movie Based on Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musical

  The Phantom of the Opera Plot Summary Originally written as a serial story for the Le Gaulois newspaper, The Phantom of the Opera was released as a novel in March 1910.  It remains as captivating today as it was then thanks, in part, to the enticing score composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber that debuted in 1986.  In 2004, Joel Schumaker's film adaptation of the musical provided a chance for everyone to experience this thrilling and chilling romance.  The Phantom of the Opera is a gothic tale about a deformed musical genius who "haunts" the Paris Opera House.  He lives in a secret lair of his own creation by a lake in the deepest recesses of the opera.  The Phantom, whose real name is Erik, becomes obsessed with Christine Daaé, and under his tutelage, he prepares her to be the next prima donna of the opera in place of the current soprano, Carlotta.   Thinking the Phantom is the Angel of Music her father promised to send her when he went to heaven, Christine blindly submi