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"How I Saved the World" by Jesse Watters Is a Fun Book to Read--It's Politics without the Stress

How Does Jesse Watters Save the World? Jesse Watters started at the lowest rung of the Fox News Channel ladder--literally in the basement.  His Watters World segment on Bill O'Reilly's show, The O'Reilly Factor , launched him in the right direction.  Not only did he become a panelist on The Five , his weekly show, Watters World , evolved into the weeknight program, Jesse Watters Primetime . How I Saved the World is Watters' first book, and if you've followed him for any length of time, you won't be surprised that it's mostly autobiographical.  Watters is simultaneously cocky, confident, and self-deprecating--a combination that's endearing to fans. In his playfully narcissistic manner, Watters shares how he has used his journalistic skills and his platform to save various aspects of our culture.  Each chapter provides a detailed account of his heroic exploits for the American people.  According to Watters, he's responsible for single-handedly saving