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Check Out Jenny Hale's Latest Novel--Meet Me at Christmas--and Enter for a Chance to Win a Kindle Copy!

Jenny Hale is renowned for sweet romances that emphasize small-town charm and family bonds.  Curl up with your favorite blanket and a cup of cheer with Hale's latest-- Meet Me at Christmas-- and you will quickly get caught up in the festive spirit of the season! Meet Me at Christmas is now available! What Is Meet Me at Christmas About? Stella Fisher travels the world as a writer and researcher for Brain Borders Magazine .  Her latest assignment could land her the coveted President's Award and a promotion.   Stella leaves London to join her mother for Christmas in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee.  It's their first Christmas since the death of Stella's father, and her mom needs the emotional support.  Stella's sister, Lily, should join them but has unexpectedly left the country to get married. To complete her last two articles, Stella arranges to study brain trauma patients at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville but is shocked when the only patient to consent to observatio