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A Review of Tucker Carlson's Eye-Opening Book, Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution

The radical Left has tried to drown out Tucker Carlson's voice of reason, but he won't be intimidated or silenced.  Carlson calls his evening show on Fox News "the sworn enemy of  lying, pomposity, smugness, and group-think."  In his latest book, Ship of Fools, he offers an eye-opening account of what we have suspected all along about the radical Left agenda, but unlike liberals, he presents actual facts and logic to prove his points.  What he reveals about the far left-wingers who have hijacked the entire Democratic Party is more than unsettling.

Two years after Trump's election, the socialist liberals and their fascist propaganda machine, the fake news networks, still cannot accept his presidency.  Carlson points out just why Trump was elected--he was the only one who seemed interested in what voters had to say, and electing him was our "throbbing middle finger in the face of America's ruling class."  Wouldn't you agree?

Carlson concludes democracy only works in middle-class countries, but thanks to disastrous Obama-era policies, 2015 marked the first time in our nation's history that the U.S. stopped being a predominately middle-class country.  The middle class used to be who Democrats focused on helping, and it's why they used to win elections.  They have shifted that focus to rest solely on "identity politics, abortion, and abstract environmental concerns like climate change."  They spend little time doing the jobs they were elected to do, which is making life better for the rest of us.

With the loss of support from American voters, the Democrats haven't re-evaluated their mistakes and pivoted to support the ones they are elected to serve.  Instead, their most effective electoral strategy has become to import voters.  It's much easier than convincing or serving the voters already here.  This is why they are so opposed to the border wall now when they used to support it.  Dems want to give ILLEGALS the right to vote, guaranteeing them wins in every possible future election.

Diversity and multi-culturalism are pushed by Democrats as a high value when they are actually not.  Carlson points out the less we have in common, the weaker we become.  He states we have been a nation "that was overwhelmingly European, Christian, and English-speaking fifty years ago," and now we have become "a place with no ethnic majority, immense religious pluralism, and no universally shared culture or language." Commonality is what holds us together as a country, not diversity.

Carlson discusses the many ways the ruling class despises their own people and works against the public's interest.  Terrorism as an example:  "One of the main lessons our elites seemed to derive from 9/11 is that the best way to fight Islamic terror is to welcome huge numbers of immigrants from places known for Islamic extremism."  Good point!  We all noticed and were opposed to Obama's insistence on flooding this country with Muslim refugees, and our nation became less safe because of it.

Revolutions happen when citizens feel voting is pointless.

How do radicals try to weaken a democracy?
  • They try to control what you can think and say.
  • They make an effort to take away your guns.
  • They oppose churches, family, and independent businesses.
  • They replace the population with a more "obedient" people.
Democrats always talk about opposing the rich and penalizing them for their wealth and success.  However, the Democratic Party is now the party of the rich themselves.  Mega corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon donated to Hillary over Trump by a margin of 60-to-1, Carlson informs the reader.  Remember when Democrats used to be for blue collar workers?  Not anymore.  Progressive corporations support the Democratic agenda, so that makes them okay in the Democratic handbook on how to screw over Americans.  These tech giants in Silicon Valley even work to make sure only one side is given a platform to speak.

Liberals used to "scrutinize power," but now they are the ones wielding it.  There is no longer any balance.

You will learn shocking truths in this book about Facebook, it's alarming surveillance of users, and its deliberate plan for mind control.

Carlson reveals how Chelsea Clinton managed to be a scholar at Oxford, a top management consultant, a hedge fund wiz, a corporate director, a network television correspondent, a nonprofit executive, a published author, a documentary filmmaker, and a senior advisor to a presidential campaign--all by her mid-30's and without the education or experience in most of these roles.

Carlson traces rampant hypocrisy throughout the Democratic Party.  For example, how they push for illegal immigration but choose to live in demographic areas that are unaffected by racial diversity. 

Do you realize how much illegal immigration costs taxpayers?  When companies like Tyson Foods employ cheap labor, their profits soar but wages fall, so taxpayers end up funding the public services to help workers, which is basically subsidizing corporate profits.  Since elites have redefined immigration as a moral issue though, they have now shut down the debate over its cost.

Carlson delves into whether our not our military involvement throughout the world has been necessary.  He thinks not.  The "intent" to make the world better usually doesn't.

You will learn how Washington is a "cultural time capsule."  Prosperity there is guaranteed, and it comes from corrupt practices.

Carlson points out that our Constitution's Framers knew that "free speech is the enemy of authoritarian rule," which is why there's such a push to silence and crush it through fear so they can force their unpopular policies on the population.  That's why punching speakers you don't agree with isn't "assault" but rather "self-defense."  The Left is imposing one permissible set of political views, and anyone who disagrees will be punished.  So much for debate.

The assault on free speech is scary.  Carlson shares a Pew survey that states "40 percent of millennials think the government should have the power to ban statements offensive to minority groups."  Imagine, having to watch every word you say for fear you could be criminalized?  "Hate speech" is not a legal term, but it's treated like one.  In fact, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch considered the possibility of suing "climate deniers!"

Radical Democrats, which is all of them, by the way, are using the old divide and conquer approach to crumble our democracy. For example, white men are labeled oppressors even though they are the only blue collar workers whose wages have consistently been declining for decades.  Dems focus on racial differences and blame whites for the sins of our ancestors.  This only embitters and divides the population.   

After spending decades desegregating our society to treat all humans equally and bring about racial harmony, the Democrats are now pushing for segregation.  It's happening in the workplace with affirmative action, there are black only graduation ceremonies, and college campuses are creating spaces for different colors (except whites!).  This flies in the face of former meritocratic attitudes where "people should be judged on what they do, not how they look or who their parents were or what their ancestors did."  Emphasizing differences has become the "essence of the diversity agenda" which has "led to an explosion of racial hostility in American life."  The Democrats are leading the charge!  When Sally Boynton Brown ran for the DNC chair, she vowed her mission would be "to shut other white people down."  According to racist Democrats, "whites are born with hate built in."  How is this unifying speech that makes our nation stronger?  

The Democrats incite racism and try to make people of color feel marginalized so they will vote Democrat.  Oddly enough, the elites, who act like all Trump supporters are Klan members, live in the whitest neighborhoods:  
  • Hillary Clinton--less than 2% black
  • New York Mayor Bill de Blasio--less than 5% black
  • Elizabeth Warren--less than 6 % black
When people have to hyphenate their identities, like African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, etc., they are falling prey to the Democratic scheme of racial mobilization.  It's a trick.  If whites tried to agitate along racial lines, the attack on them would be intense.  We are all the same on the inside, and what should unify us is our Americanism.  The color of our skin should be irrelevant.

Carlson delves into feminism and the transgender delusion.  He relates scientific studies that found two-thirds of children who question their gender accept their biological sex.  Without adult intervention, 88 percent of kids in another study evolved out of gender confusion.  The media never reports this.  

Unmarried mothers are a prime target for Democrats, so you will never hear a liberal decry the out-of-wedlock birthrate.

Carlson attacks the preposterous idea of "toxic masculinity."  He proves the gender gap no longer exists and that the long held belief of attacking someone for their basic nature is unhealthy and wrong.  Why are feminists still playing this card?  

Carlson spends a lot of time unmasking liberal hypocrisy when it comes to the environment.  He points to environmental trail blazers of the past who "preserved wilderness, created the national parks, fought pollution, and successfully lobbied for clean air and water legislation."  Their goals and accomplishments were measurable, not abstract like the "environmentalists" of today.  He talks about how none of these climate change activists are picking up trash.  The big cities they are in charge of are filled with E. coli, human excrement, piles of hypodermic needles, and trash.  Elites don't seem to care.  Neither do elites care how many birds die in wind turbines, how much marine life is destroyed from deep water turbines, how many forest fires are caused by illegal immigrants, and how much illegal immigrant traffic impacts America's natural environment.  

Environmentalists today speaks about unrelated political issues like transgenderism and racism.  Climate change activists are more interested in seizing power and robbing us of freedom.  The environment is just the hook.  Liberal hypocrites want to remove our carbon footprints while they fly in private jets.  Academia is so corrupt that they refuse to publish articles in their journals that deviate from the liberal climate change narrative.  Their "science" no longer "requires evidence and no longer tolerates scrutiny," which means it's no longer science.  They even have the gall to blame Islamic extremism on rising temperatures.  

What's the answer?  Leaders can attempt to persuade, but government by the people means we tell them what to do.  We better start speaking up before it's too late.

Radical, socialist, far-left Democrats aren't even trying to hide their disdain for us and our values.  They are going full-throttle to destroy the country we love.  This book exposes them and is a must-read for any patriot who wants to see America be great again and stay great!

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