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Review: "The Book of Signs" by Dr. David Jeremiah

Is the End of the World Near? 

When you watch the news and read the headlines, it seems our world is hurtling towards disaster.  Christ followers are taught to be ready for His Second Coming, although no one knows the day or the hour He will return.

The Bible is filled with prophetic passages to give us clues about what to expect in the end times leading up to the apocalypse; however, unless you're a Biblical scholar, many of these scriptures may seem cryptic.  

In The Book of Signs, Dr. David Jeremiah shares deep insight into complicated Biblical prophecy to make it digestable and easy to understand.  Your eyes will be opened, and the meaning behind familiar scriptures will be revealed  like never before.  

The Book of Signs by Dr. David Jeremiah

How The Book of Signs is Structured

The Book of Signs is a comprehensive manual that breaks down end time prophecies into manageable chunks over the course of 31 chapters:

PART 1:  International Signs

Chapter 1:  Israel
Chapter 2:  Europe
Chapter 3:  Russia
Chapter 4:  Babylon
Chapter 5:  America

PART 2:  Cultural Signs

Chapter 6:  Materialism
Chapter 7:  Immorality
Chapter 8:  Radical Islam
Chapter 9:  Persecution
Chapter 10:  Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 11:  Apathy

PART 3:  Heavenly Signs

Chapter 12:  Rapture
Chapter 13:  Resurrection
Chapter 14:  Heaven
Chapter 15:  Judgment Seat of Christ
Chapter 16:  Rewards
Chapter 17:  Worship

PART 4:  Tribulation Signs

Chapter 18:  Four Riders
Chapter 19:  Antichrist
Chapter 20:  False Prophet
Chapter 21:  Martyrs
Chapter 22:  144,000
Chapter 23:  Two Witnesses
Chapter 24:  Dragon
Chapter 25:  Mark of the Beast
Chapter 26:  Armageddon

PART 5:  End Signs

Chapter 27:  Return of the King
Chapter 28:  Milennium
Chapter 29:  Great White Throne Judgment
Chapter 30:  New Heaven and New Earth
Chapter 31:  Holy City

The Book of Signs Simplifies the Complicated

Not only does the book examine the different nations in light of their respective roles in end time prophecy, Dr. David Jeremiah explains the mechanics of the Rapture (which he cites will be pre-trib), shares insight on what the resurrection and judgment will be like, explains all the characters and events from the book of Revelation, and elaborates on the final act:  the return of Jesus, His millenial rule, the Great White Throne Judgment (which is reserved for unbelievers), and what a new heaven and Earth will really be like.

If you're like me, I've always gotten confused by the sequence of Biblical events.  This book is very enlightening and lays out the proper order so you can know what to expect.

The Book of Signs Is Must-Have for Every Believer

There are many books on the market that attempt to explain Biblical prophecy and end time events; however, The Book of Signs by Dr. David Jeremiah is the best one I've ever read.  His knowledge and expertise in this area is unsurpassed, and the book is constructed on solid Biblical study and not personal supposition.

From 1995-2007, Christians were fascinated by the Left Behind series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins because we are deeply curious what the end will actually be like.  The Book of Signs is an authoritative resource that will explain it all without any fabrications.  When you know what to look for, you'll be amazed at how close we appear to be!

It took me three months to finish this book, not because it's hard to read but because I wanted time to chew and ruminate on each chapter to make sure I absorbed the concepts.  The content is deep and challenging, but it's also straightforward and simplistic enough for anyone to understand.  

I recommend purchasing the hardcover edition.  I made the mistake of ordering the paperback to save money, but since I like to return to the book to reread parts and use it as a reference manual, it's quickly starting to tatter.  

The Book of Signs might even serve as a useful tool on your bookshelf for those who find themselves left behind.

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