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10 New Year's Resolutions For Bookworms!

New Year's Resolutions To Enhance Your Literary Prowess

New Year's resolutions seem a little pointless; only a small fraction of people who make them are diligent about keeping them.  Common goals include exercising, losing weight, saving money, spending more time with family, trying something new, getting organized, and kicking a bad habit.

Why set yourself up for failure?

Since you're a bookworm, you can set goals that are much more fun, and because your heart is in it, your chances for success are much higher.

Along the way, you will continue to reap the rewards of reading, which include reduced stress, increased knowledge, better sleep, expanded vocabulary, and enhanced creativity.

1.  Out With The Old, In With The New

Look at your bookshelves.  How many books are gathering dust that you've already read and will probably never read again?  We're not talking about a book series, reference books, or collections of classics that are shelf-worthy forever, but all the quick, one-time reads. 

When you consider the extensive to-be-read list you have, is it realistic to keep books you'll never read again when there are scores of new ones vying for a position on your shelf?

It's time for a book purge.  Let someone else jump into the pages and enjoy the journey you've already taken.  Think of the Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  A toy is never truly happy until it is loved by a child, and your forgotten books aren't happy unless they are in the hands of an appreciative reader.  

Box up these lonely books and donate them to your local library or charity or sell a batch on Facebook Marketplace.  You won't miss them!

Once they are gone, be sure to organize your books before you replenish your stash.

2.  Read A Different Genre

Anyone who exercises regularly knows it's important to change the way you stress a muscle for the exercise to work.  If you keep doing the same move over and over, the muscle stops responding.

You have heard the phrase "exercise your brain" as if it's a muscle that needs worked.  Scientifically, your brain is actually an organ, but the metaphor fits nonetheless.

Many of us fall into the slump of reading the same type of genre because it's comfortable.  If you want to grow as a reader and truly exercise your brain, it's time to come out of your comfort zone!

In the new year, determine to throw different genres in the mix.  If you're stuck on romances, try a suspense novel, a mystery, historical fiction, or a non-fiction work--something you tend to overlook.  In fact, next time you visit the book store or library, visit sections you usually bypass and see what you find.

Trying different genres doesn't mean you have to abandon your favorite types of books.  It just means you're going to stretch and grow by branching out a little more this year.  You might be surprised by how much you will like something out of the ordinary.

3.  Inspire Others To Read

Reading has so many benefits, yet non-readers still exist among us.  How can you inspire someone else to spend more time reading?  

You have the most influence over your children.  Take them to the library or give them a gift card to your favorite book store.  Read to them before bed, if they are little, or allow your older children to stay up 15-30 minutes past their normal bedtimes if they agree to spend the extra time reading.

At work, offer to share your personal library with your co-workers.

Invite a friend to your book club.  At the very least, share what you're reading with friends, and maybe your enthusiasm will light a spark.

For holidays and celebrations, give books as gifts that are well-suited for the recipients.

Set up a Free Little Library at the end of your driveway or in a public place where you've been granted permission.

4.  Pick A Few Books From the Bestseller's List to Read

Since your TBR list seems endless, chances are you haven't given the weekly bestseller's list a thought.  What makes the top ten might not align with your values or tastes, but occasionally pick one from the list to see what all the fuss is about.  When you're around other readers, it will give you something to talk about.

5.  Join Book Groups

Book clubs aren't for everyone because the same book has to be read by all each month.  If you like the book, it's wonderful to have others a sounding board.  Otherwise, it's no fun talking about a book that doesn't interest you.

Instead, join a social media group where a healthy helping of book jabber is served up regularly.  You can easily ignore posts that aren't appealing and chime in on the ones that capture your interest.  

In addition to book reviews and recommendations, some social media groups post inspiring or amusing book memes, so you will get your literary jollies!

If you are looking for a group to join, consider us!  We'd love for you to join our community of readers.  You can find us here:  Book Banter Café--A Gathering Place For Bookworms.

6.  Spend Less Money On Books

Did you just gasp when you read that line?

Inflation is rising rapidly and placing a strain on many household budgets.  It's FUN to buy books, but you can't feed, clothe, and shelter your family with them.  

Consider visiting the library more this year or uploading books from the library to your Kindle.  If you don't own a Kindle, it's a wonderful investment.  We all love to hold a physical book in our hands and smell the ink, but a Kindle opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  The Kindle store has a gazillion titles available that are often significantly cheaper than the actual books.  You also have access to free books galore.  In addition, if you're not a fan of library books (you never know where the people who borrowed them previously had their hands!), you can borrow books from the library from the comfort of your own home.

7.  Follow Your Favorite Authors On Social Media

Your favorite authors most likely have websites that are filled with fun tidbits about what they are doing, new books in the works, deals on past books, newsletters, and book giveaways.  

Connect with a few of your favorite authors this year on social media networks.  You can even send them notes to let them know your thoughts on their works.

8.  Read A Series 

Try a new book series and see if you can finish it within the year.  

You might find the series so intriguing that you binge-read until you make it through the whole saga, or you could just sprinkle one here and there between the other books you want to read.

Just don't get so immersed in reading that you forget you have a job and a family.

9.  Create A Cozy Reading Space

You might find yourself reading in bed before falling asleep, on the couch while your spouse watches TV, or maybe in the bathroom while you pretend to be getting ready.  How much more epic would reading be if you had a special space set aside that created the perfect ambiance for losing yourself in a novel?

Is there a place in your home that can be repurposed into a reading nook?

You need a comfy chair, warm blanket, proper lighting, a place for a beverage, and surrounding decor that sets the proper mood.  If you can include bookshelves in this space, even better!  

10.  Journal About What You Read

If you avoid marking-up, highlighting, or dog-earring your pages, how can you quickly reference important points in a book you want to remember?

Maybe you've gained an insight, stumbled upon a wise one-liner, or learned a fact you want to share with someone.  Journal about it!

Some books take us on an emotional ride.  Write about how the book made you feel.  You'll become a better writer as well as a reader!

If you're already a skilled writer, you can even earn extra money by writing reviews about books.  

Enjoy Reading In The New Year!

Whether you set bookish New Year's resolutions or not, spend time doing what you love next year--reading!

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