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Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado

Best Devotional For Kids

Finding the perfect devotional for your kids can be daunting. The market is flooded with options, but most of them fall short of your expectations.  Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado is the choice that won’t disappoint. What sets this devotional apart from the rest?

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Holds Attention

Unlike other devotionals for kids, Grace for the Moment is well-written. It’s not surprising when you consider Max Lucado has been dubbed “a preacher with a storyteller’s gift—a pastor’s heart and a poet’s pen.” With over 40 years of preaching experience, 100 million books sold, and time on most bestseller lists, this devotional reflects Max’s skill in presenting deep spiritual concepts in concise ways that are easy to grasp and easy to read without sounding overly theological. The message of God’s grace is not watered down and cheesy, but creatively presented to inspire and encourage. Your child will never grow bored. It contains 365 devotions, which you can cycle through every year, seeing something new each time.


Many children’s devotionals are either outdated in their approach or express concepts in an unrelatable fashion that fail to engage the reader. Grace for the Moment feels like a gentle conversation with a wise counselor. For example, one devotional passage deals with anger. Max reminds readers that there will always be people and things that make us angry. He writes, the bully who always picks on you, piles of homework, or being laughed at. Can’t most of us relate? The devotion continues, not to admonish readers for getting angry, but to encourage them to practice controlling their reactions towards others to avoid the sin of anger. Another passage deals with choosing to love people, even when they wrong us. After pointing out that no person is perfect, including us, Max continues, …when you decide to make a relationship work—to get along—you have to remember that people will still make mistakes, will still get on your nerves sometimes, will still hurt your feelings. In these circumstances, Max shares Romans 12:10-18 to show us God’s plan for handling it the right way. Grace for the Moment applies biblical concepts to everyday life in a straightforward manner without sounding preachy, judgmental, or out-of-touch with reality.

Great for the Entire Family

Grace for the Moment was originally written for adults but later skillfully adapted for children without dumbing it down. Since the devotions draw from the adult version, the concepts presented lead to Christ-centered conversations between parents and children. Families find common ground as they share similar life experiences that are more timeless than generationally specific. As adults read the daily passages to their children, they will reflect on the nuggets of truth that apply to themselves as well. Are they setting the right Christian example for their kids? For example, how many times have you made judgmental remarks about others in front of your kids? Max reminds us that we can't judge people by what we see on the outside because the story of what they are dealing with is on the inside. Only God knows what they faced yesterday and will deal with tomorrow--we don't. God is still working in them, just as He continues working on us. Our job is to love, not judge. Can you relate? Grace for the Moment transcends age and is great for the whole family.
Deepens Faith
One of the best things you can instill into your children is the importance of spending daily time with God. Grace for the Moment is the perfect tool for encouraging spiritual growth through the daily habit of focused time in the Word. Unlike other devotionals, Grace for the Moment does not water down the gospel message, even though it makes profound concepts easy to understand. Your child's faith will deepen as he or she learns how to hear God speak to them through His Word. Maybe your daughter had a rough day at school because someone was mean to her. In the evening, she opens her devotion, and the passage of the day is about God still being in charge even when it seems like the devil is winning. She needed the reminder that God is in control—not the devil. How does she reconcile reality with God's promises? The devotional continues to remind her of the rewards for doing things God's way because He will somehow bring something good out of a bad situation. Her soul feels peace and calm again because she knows God is aware of what happened to her and that He's going to take care of it. Grace for the Moment offers your child practical ways to live out her faith.

Scripture-Based with Real Life Application Exercises

A devotional should offer a scripturally based approach for daily living, not just fluffy words to spark the power of positive thinking. Grace for the Moment includes two scripture passages each day to help your kids dive into their bibles to search out answers. It encourages them to pray, study God's blueprint for life, and learn to trust Him. At the end of each devotion, there is a Growing in Grace section that offers more food for thought and extension activities to help your child visualize the concept. For example, one devotion deals with the Bible being God's compass for the journey of life. The Growing in Grace section challenges your child to take a flashlight outside after dark and take a walk. The light shows the way he can safely go, just like God's Word does. This simple application clearly shows your child how light overcomes the darkness. Another devotion reminds us that sometimes God's answer to our prayer is a resounding "no" and suggests kids should thank their parents for caring enough to say "no" sometimes--parents make decisions based on what is best for their children. Grace for the Moment helps root your children in God's Word and helps them grasp the lesson through hands-on, real-life scenarios.

Suitable for a Spectrum of Ministry Opportunities

Not only is Grace for the Moment the best devotional for home study in the morning or evenings, it is ideal for a variety of ministry settings--homeschool Bible time, Christian childcare and preschool, Sunday school programs, youth group, inner city outreaches, just to name a few. Grace for the Moment is also the perfect gift to help reach unchurched friends or to encourage young believers in their faith walk. If you are seeking a tool that will help you “train up a child in the way he should go…"(Proverbs 22:6), Grace for the Moment will inspire your child’s faith journey.


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