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White Mountain Vintage Book Cover Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you like working jigsaw puzzles?  It’s one of our favorite pastimes during winter months when we’re stuck inside on cold days. 

Since we are a community of bookworms, I want to share with you my very favorite puzzle of all-time.  It is a perfect gift for the book lover on your list, or you might want to snag one for yourself.  I received mine a couple Christmases ago.

The puzzle includes vintage book covers of bestselling novels.  As the pieces satisfyingly snap into place making the picture come alive, I can’t decide which one I want to read next when I’m done.  Should I start with A Tale of Two Cities or The Time Machine?  It’s so hard to choose!

Not all puzzles are created equally.  Sometimes the print quality is poor, or the pieces are flimsy and tear.  White Mountain puzzles always deliver high quality designs and thick pieces so you can rework the same puzzle over and over without damaging it.

Some people find a 1,000 piece puzzle daunting.  It is quite large!  The finished size is 24 x 30 inches.  For us, it means putting an extra leaf in our dining room table so all the pieces aren’t falling onto the floor!  If you don’t have help working it, a smaller version is available.  The 300 piece option might be more manageable.  Its final dimensions are only 18 x 24 inches, and it includes many of the same vintage covers.  We also love this puzzle is made in the USA.

Benefits of Working Jigsaw Puzzles

Psychiatrists say puzzles help our brains by improving memory, honing problem solving skills, developing visual-spatial reasoning, lowering stress, and bolstering our mood, but for those of us who love puzzles (especially when they feature our favorite books), we do them because they are old-fashioned fun!

It is inexplicably gratifying when you find pieces that fit.  Sometimes our family has a competition to see which one of us can find a particular piece first.  If we get stuck and cease making progress, we find it beneficial to walk away and do something else before coming back for another round.  Sustained focus without a break can work against you.  Fresh eyes make a big difference. Other times, my only real contribution is flipping over the pieces to get started!  

Puzzles bring our family together, and they can do the same for yours.  I would rather see my family gathered around the table talking, laughing, and collaborating than parked in front of a screen or device.  Wouldn’t you?

The White Mountain Vintage Book Cover Collage Jigsaw puzzle might even spark an interest in your kids or grand kids to read one of the classics depicted in the artwork—the perfect opportunity for you to introduce them to one of your “old friends.”  

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